A short blog in the ConfigMgr and Intune series. In my previous blog  http://focusonsystemcenter.nl/?p=216 I started off with creating the subscription in ConfigMgr. This blog continues with creating the Windows Intune Connector role. The role is needed make mobile management from ConfigMgr possible. With creating the subscription, beside the cloud distribution point, a new site role became available, namely the Windows Intune Connectorrole. We need to create this role to get mobile device management into place. I have prepared the screenshots to guide you through the process. First go to the Administration node in the ConfigMgr Console, Site configuration and click Servers and Site System Roles. Right click the site server you want to create the role on and click Add Site System roles.


The wizard starts and you just have to follow the screens.



Check the Windows Intune Connector Role.




This concludes the connector role installation, not a complicated process as you can see. What I did not show yet in my previous blog is a screenshot of the Windows Intune console. The picture below shows that the mobile device management authority is set to Configuration Manager, therefor the options are greyed out in the Intune console. All mobile device management should be done from Configuration Manager.

Ok, this is it for this blog, in the next blog I will show how to connect your active directory to Windows Intune another step in the process of MDM.