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Re-thinking IT, What Has Changed?

I was thinking a lot lately, especially about the changes in the IT world and the speed of all the changes. Having been in IT for more than 20 years, I have seen a lot and I have seen a lot of differences through the years. So I decided to write a short blog not about technical things, but about organization and what I think is important now and what is needed in the current IT world. When I started years ago IT was seen as something you do on the side and basically IT meant al electrical machines within a company, computers, copiers, telephones and yes … even coffee machines. It was the time where you took a floppy and start installing. A bit later there was the cd and when you needed to setup a server or workstation you took the cd and started clicking. Oh what a wonderful…

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Happy 2013!

Too all of you best wishes for 2013! Hopefully it will be a good year with new exciting technical adventures. I have spend the Christmas and new year in Moscow enjoying some peace and quiet with my family. Tomorrow I will fly back and the normal life will start again. off course I had some time to think and put myself some targets. In 2012 I have put a lot of effort in getting my new System Center certifications in order, MCSE Private Cloud, Configuration Manager 2012 and in the last month upgrade to MCSA Server 2012. In that respect there was a lot of work done. Also the new releases took some time, so the year has passed quickly. In 2013 my first target will be to get certified MCSE Server Infrastructure. I think that the target that will follow still have to reveal themselves. First blog to write…

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My Microsoft Surface Arrived

Last week I decided that it would be nice to have a Windows 8 tablet :-), especially for the integration between different devices. My laptop had already been upgraded to Windows 8 pro and I felt comfortable with it, actually starting to like it more and more. Anyway I ordered the Surface from Microsoft in Germany, because it is not available in The Netherlands yet. As I did not see an e-mail that the device was on its way, I was quite surprised when it was delivered today. Setting up is easy and the first impression is that I like it. This blog has been created in Word 2013. The cover that is also the keyboard is easy to use and responsive. The image is good and as more apps become available I most likely will only use this tablet instead of the Galaxy Tab. One thing I notice is…

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Focus on System Center

So, another blog on System Center… yes, I think there is a lot to tell and a lot is still hidden. Time changes fast and new updates and versions appear quickly nowadays. Private Cloud is the direction we are all going and System Center is for Microsoft the way to go. I will try to write about new things, practical and interesting options, but also about what’s behind the technical part… namely the organizational part. Hope you will like it!