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Microsoft Certification Changes

At the beginning of Microsoft Ignite the changes to the certification program went live. In short this means that MCSE and MCSD tracks will be consolidated in 5 total tracks, 4 MCSE and 1 MCSD. This setup is reflecting the changes to the MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) program. Basically you get certified first for MCSA and with 1 extra exam that you can choose from an eligible list you can become MCSE. The following tracks are available: MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure MCSE: Mobility MCSE: Data Management and Analysis MCSE: Productivity MCSD: App Builder How to reach these certifications, for MSCE go to , for MCSD go to The current tracks will retire per 31 of March 2017! Information about the changes can be found here Next to the changes to the MCSE and MCSD track, Microsoft launched the Data Science track in their Professional Program. The Data Science track…

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How will cloud change the IT-Pro?

I have been busy with cloud and training cloud and I notice that a lot of IT personnel is not really busy with the changes they soon will face. We all see and hear the talk about cloud, but what will change the IT-pro. First of all I think there is still a large group that is not really seeing the changes, or maybe that have not identified cloud computing, maybe neglect it to not have to think about it. Another part is busy with talking about cloud, but have not figured out exactly what it is. Then there is the group that thinks they will lose there jobs for the simple reason that we will start to work so effective and will be so cost effective that the world will need less IT-Pro’s. Then there are those that think they need to move to the cloud because everybody is…

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My goals for 2016

2016 is already in its second week, so time to write down the new goals for this year and think about the technologies that will become important or that I think I need to focus on. A lot will happen this year, System Center, Windows Server 2016 will be released and thus a lot to do and to discover. Azure is continuously moving, changing… I do not think that I will have to be bored or that there is nothing to do or to learn. Specifically I think that my focus will be on: Azure (in general); Azure Resource Manager templates; Windows Server 2016; Containers in Server 2016; System Center 2016. As a trainer I also want to do a couple of things and teach a couple of classes. In my agenda there is already an Azure training planned in april and lots of ideas for developing short deepdive trainings or maybe develop an online…

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How should you train your employees? Or yourself?

In a previous blog I wrote about the things I think IT pro’s should focus on and in this blog I will look at how you can keep your employees or yourself up to date with relevant knowledge. Let me start by saying that all the things written on this page are my own opinions. Teaching and learning is not straight forward, if you look at learning then you know that this is different for everyone. There are many books on this subject and just as many theories. What are the options you have as an employer or as an employee? From an employers point of view, first make a plan with your employee based on the knowledge he or she already has and what it is that the employee would like and what fits to the job. You can suggest trainings, but in my opininon the employee should have a big say…

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