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Portable test environment

Recently I felt that the test environment I have on my laptop was not really responsive, mainly because of the external disk I used for my vm’s, and because I like to always have a test environment with me when I am at a client I felt the need to change it. My setup was: i7 Quad core laptop (Dell XPS 15) with 256 GB SSD 16 GB memory and a DVD player, 1 Tb external disk for my VM’s. I realized lately that I was not using my dvd player and decided to put a disk in. Since the prices of SSD disk became more accessible I  decided to buy a Samsung 840 500 Gb disk and a universal hd caddy to replace my dvd player. So when I received both items I quickly build it in and started testing…. and wow much much better, my vm’s are flying again. Building a Server 2012 vm (base install)…

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Site Facelift

After blogging for a while, I decided it was time for a bit of a facelift. Instead of using the a standard theme provided by Wordpress I found it time to move into the Metro style. Offcourse this brings a bit of work with it, but luckily with WordPress and a good template the time that is needed to get it al in place is reasonable. New things are the social icons at the bottom of the site and the revamped side bar. I will still have to tweak it here and there and maybe change some colors, but it is a beginning. Hope you like it!  

ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune: Configure and Install DirSync tool

In the previous 2 blogs I have prepared the ConfigMgr environment for Mobile Device Management (MDM), well I made a beginning to first create the subscription and then I created the Windows Intune Connector role Now I will take a next step in the process. What I want to accomplish is that my management is handled from ConfigMgr and that my internal users can access the Intune portal with their already used credentials. I defined a user collection in ConfigMgr for users that are allowed to use the Intune portal and their mobile devices. Windows Intune offers synchronization from your internal AD to Intune. The sync process is handled with a tool called Dirsync. When you sign up for an Intune trial, you get a username looking like, however you probably want to use your internal domain credentials, in my case Also when you create a new user you want the object…

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