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How should you train your employees? Or yourself?

In a previous blog I wrote about the things I think IT pro’s should focus on and in this blog I will look at how you can keep your employees or yourself up to date with relevant knowledge. Let me start by saying that all the things written on this page are my own opinions. Teaching and learning is not straight forward, if you look at learning then you know that this is different for everyone. There are many books on this subject and just as many theories. What are the options you have as an employer or as an employee? From an employers point of view, first make a plan with your employee based on the knowledge he or she already has and what it is that the employee would like and what fits to the job. You can suggest trainings, but in my opininon the employee should have a big say…

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What should your employees learn?

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer it is important to keep up to date with the latest technology and to know exactly which trainings are available. As an MCT I regularly get the question what should we teach our employees to keep them up to date, what are the skills they need to do there job as an IT professional. Developments in IT are going rapidly and what is new today is gone tomorrow. If I look at myself when it comes to learning new technology, I make a plan for the a year and not further. So what do I think is important to learn for me and the students I teach. I have come up with a short list. The list concentrates on Microsoft, because that is what I am focused on. Over the last year I have given a couple of trainings and workshops and what I try to do is to add some extra’s,…

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