Last week I decided that it would be nice to have a Windows 8 tablet :-), especially for the integration between different devices. My laptop had already been upgraded to Windows 8 pro and I felt comfortable with it, actually starting to like it more and more. Anyway I ordered the Surface from Microsoft in Germany, because it is not available in The Netherlands yet. As I did not see an e-mail that the device was on its way, I was quite surprised when it was delivered today.

Setting up is easy and the first impression is that I like it. This blog has been created in Word 2013. The cover that is also the keyboard is easy to use and responsive. The image is good and as more apps become available I most likely will only use this tablet instead of the Galaxy Tab.

One thing I notice is that Windows 8 has been created for touch, so if you need to replace you monitor or laptop in the near future, choose one with touch…. It is the future.

Ok, sorry no System Center blog, however a blog about rolling out or managing Windows 8 with SCCM will happen soon I think, at least that is my intention.