Recently I felt that the test environment I have on my laptop was not really responsive, mainly because of the external disk I used for my vm’s, and because I like to always have a test environment with me when I am at a client I felt the need to change it. My setup was: i7 Quad core laptop (Dell XPS 15) with 256 GB SSD 16 GB memory and a DVD player, 1 Tb external disk for my VM’s. I realized lately that I was not using my dvd player and decided to put a disk in. Since the prices of SSD disk became more accessible I  decided to buy a Samsung 840 500 Gb disk and a universal hd caddy to replace my dvd player. So when I received both items I quickly build it in and started testing…. and wow much much better, my vm’s are flying again. Building a Server 2012 vm (base install) took 5 minutes to complete! I wish I did this earlier. I started building a test environment for Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 consisting of a Server 2012 Domain controller, CM 2012 SP1 Primary site and a Windows 8 workstation. This will do for now!