This week I encountered an issue installing the App-V 5.0 SP 1 client with Configuration Manager 2012 SP 1. I went to a client to upgrade the CM 2012 environment to CM 2012 SP1. Having done this before several  times I had no issues during that process. Since we had some time left the client asked me to help with the installing of the App-V client through CM 2012 SP1. All sources were downloaded, so we could start to create an application immediately. As a command line we used the following:

appv_client_setup.exe /q /SHAREDCONTENTSTOREMODE=1

I had used this command line before to distribute the App-V 5.0 client with Configuration Manager, so all looked promising…. and it was promising, CM 2012 SP1 functioned as expected and the application arrived at the targeted workstation. But then CATASTROF, DISASTER!

The client failed to install and the picture below shows the details from the application catalog.


What had happened, did I become sluggish, was I too confident? I checked the application again, but it all seemed to be good. The detection methods were ok, the application was showing up in Software Center. Checked the requirements and no issue with that. Only one thing to do and that is to turn on the log file to get more details of what happened.

After looking in the log file I found that the /ACCEPTEULA was missing from the the command line and that there for the installation failed. Strange, this command line worked fine with the App-V 5.0 client, but ok I added the parameter and started the install again…. not relaxed, in anticipation and  eager to get the result I watched the screen…… SUCCESS, the installation was working. Me happy, client happy and time to go home.

This again proves that IT is not always straight forward and you have to stay on top to get the results you want.

Until next time!