At the moment I am training an employee at a client to get more familiar with Configuration Manager task sequences and we ran into the following problem. When we PXE booted a new model of hardware (a laptop) the machine could not connect to the network and therefor did not get the task sequence. Offcourse for purpose of training this was a good thing… something going wrong 🙂 First we had to find out that the machine did not get a ip address and when we knew we needed to solve it. It was clear that the network driver for the new model was not available within the bootimage. The next step was to import the driver and add it to the bootimage used…. and go for it again. Unfortunately no success, still no network and no image deployment. Maybe the wrong driver? Or something else. Together we discussed the issue and started from the beginning, what driver did we import…. the Windows 7 x64 driver, since eventually we needed to deploy Windows 7 x64. The version of Configuration Manager is 2012 SP1 CU3….. wait a moment here 2012 SP1 CU3, is that not a Windows 8 WinPe bootimage?….. ooooh yes, we need the Windows 8 x64 driver and add it to the bootimage and keep the Windows 7 x64 driver as a driver in Configuration  Manager to be applied on the Windows 7 OS image. We added the Windows 8 driver and were anxious to find out the result…. And yes, this worked.

So the lesson learned: Check what the OS of the WinPe version is and add the driver for that OS to your bootimage.

It is always nice that something like this happens during a training, it makes the impact of the training and what the student learns  so much better.

Until next time, happy reading!