It has been a while since my last blog, so time to change that! I have been busy lately mostly because earlier this year I changed jobs which took some time to get used to the organization and find my way in the new working environment. Next to that I went from project to project, so no complaining of making the move to KPN Consulting.

Ok, Yesterday (27/06/2014) the CU (cumulative Update) 2 for Configuraton Manager 2012 R2 has been released and I decided to immediately test the installation in my test environment.

You can request the hotfix at the following link: This page also provides an overview of the fixes that have been solved and the the action you have to do after installation. I would suggest to read through this page and if you are using Powershell in your environment I would also recommend to read the next page where you can find all Powershell related updates.

A quick walk through the installation shows that Microsoft uses the same interface as previous CU’s, so nothing new here.

After download copy the .exe to the highest site in you hierarchy and close all consoles, next start CU2 and go throught the screens show below.

























As you can see I choose the defaults as this applies to my environment and this means the update packages have been created for me and visible in the console as you can see in the screenshot below.


As postinstall actions you have to update the distribution points for the client and the boot images. The version for Configuration Manager has been changed to 5.0.7958.1303 and the same applies to the Configuration Manager client.

Install this update on your site servers and distribute the client update to clients by using the package that has been created for you. Install the console update on the machines that have a console installed, you can also use the package that has been created.

As you can see the CU2 installation is pretty straight forward. Happy updating!