It has been a while since my last post here and yes too long. It has been a busy year, not only with projects, but also with changes in what I do. For some years I already had the wish to become a MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), but never had the chance to accomplish this. In my current job I had this chance and immediately took the opportunity.

I wanted a combination of field work and teaching other people about the knowledge I like and add my experience that I accumulated over the years. So I have been teaching classes, gave workshops for training tracks and had, and still have, a great time. In my current job I have the chance to do projects and give classes and help the organization developing training methods on how to keep the workforce up to date. This is a challenge by itself as you might understand, basically because everyone is different and one way of teaching is not suitable for everyone. For me fun and next to that is also helped me in the projects I do in the field.

Being an MCT gives you a lot of extra information and possibilities and you have to find your way around. A lot of time I have spend reading, learning and next to that spending time to keep up with the technology. New developments, Windows 10, System Center, Windows server and of course Azure.

As the IT world is changing fast and is in continuous movement, the blogs I want to write will still be focused on technology, probably more in the direction of Azure / hybrid cloud, but also about teaching and my experiences with that. Last but not least I will try to keep the frequency of blogs more frequent.