As a Microsoft Certified Trainer it is important to keep up to date with the latest technology and to know exactly which trainings are available. As an MCT I regularly get the question what should we teach our employees to keep them up to date, what are the skills they need to do there job as an IT professional. Developments in IT are going rapidly and what is new today is gone tomorrow. If I look at myself when it comes to learning new technology, I make a plan for the a year and not further. So what do I think is important to learn for me and the students I teach. I have come up with a short list. The list concentrates on Microsoft, because that is what I am focused on.

Over the last year I have given a couple of trainings and workshops and what I try to do is to add some extra’s, things that I think are important, next to the training material itself. There is always time left or you can make the time to share some extra knowledge. I think when you look at IT, you should think of automation and getting back to the command line. The GUI that many of us love is slowly leaving us! PowerShell is, I think, is on the top of the list with knowledge an IT Pro should have. I noticed in the classes I gave that there are still many that still have to take the first step, so I try to spend some time to shine a light on PowerShell and make the student enthusiastic about PowerShell. To me PowerShell is great and once you see the possibilities it becomes fun as well.

Next to PowerShell you cannot live in IT if you do not get knowledge of Azure, or embrace the cloud with its immense possibilities. Take what you are good in and see what it means in the cloud. A trial subscription to Azure gives you credit to experiment and explore the options.

Related to Azure my list consists further of Intune or maybe I should say Enterprise Mobility Suite and Office365.

To recap, this is my list I would focus on:

  • PowerShell and related to that, desired state configuration;
  • Azure and Hybrid Cloud (System Center);
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite (Intune, Azure AD Premium, RMS);
  • Office365;
  • Identity management.

For most products there are trainings available, but I would start to search for e-learnings on MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy). There is some very good content available, especially for PowerShell.

In a next blog I will talk about how to teach you employees, what works and what options you have to give something extra to the employees.