2016 is already in its second week, so time to write down the new goals for this year and think about the technologies that will become important or that I think I need to focus on.

A lot will happen this year, System Center, Windows Server 2016 will be released and thus a lot to do and to discover. Azure is continuously moving, changing… I do not think that I will have to be bored or that there is nothing to do or to learn. Specifically I think that my focus will be on:


  • Azure (in general);
  • Azure Resource Manager templates;
  • Windows Server 2016;
  • Containers in Server 2016;
  • System Center 2016.

As a trainer I also want to do a couple of things and teach a couple of classes. In my agenda there is already an Azure training planned in april and lots of ideas for developing short deepdive trainings or maybe develop an online training.

This year I started with recording a video for Comptia CTT+ certification exam. The CTT+ is an important certificate to have as a trainer and I found it important to realise this, even though I did similar trainings like this before and am already a MCT. A start has been made :-).

Next to that I have to recertify my MCSE Server Infrastructure and I will follow a Cloud Architect training from Cloud School.

Then off course there are community events to visit, Microsoft Ignite would be interesting and the MCT Summit Europe is on my list.

I am looking forward to 2016!