ChangesAheadI have been busy with cloud and training cloud and I notice that a lot of IT personnel is not really busy with the changes they soon will face. We all see and hear the talk about cloud, but what will change the IT-pro. First of all I think there is still a large group that is not really seeing the changes, or maybe that have not identified cloud computing, maybe neglect it to not have to think about it. Another part is busy with talking about cloud, but have not figured out exactly what it is. Then there is the group that thinks they will lose there jobs for the simple reason that we will start to work so effective and will be so cost effective that the world will need less IT-Pro’s. Then there are those that think they need to move to the cloud because everybody is saying they have to and because they will need less IT-Pro’s then they need now. Well let’s look at it in a rational way.

People that think that by going to the cloud they will need less IT personnel …… think again and look back in history, because history usually repeats itself. If you are someone who thinks this, maybe you should ask yourself the question whether suddenly, because you move to the cloud, the amount of work will be less then before? I think that your work will change and most definitely will not become less, most likely the amount of work will get more.  This is a time of change and we will have to adapt to the new situation.

Another thing that is important to note is that you will not jump to the cloud like that? You will have to give it some thought and what will be the way you will approach the cloud? I think that moving to the cloud will happen gradually, first of all companies are not spontaneously dropping what they have now and move on in the cloud, this will be a process that will take maybe years. Keeping everything running and moving to the cloud is a challenge. Not only technically, but also for the organization and how the organization will change direction cloud. Many applications are not yet suited to running in the cloud.

Then an important part of changing is the IT-Pro. In the cloud training I regular give I try to make the students think about there new position in the IT world. I try to tell that there scope of work will change and that what they do now might not be what they will still do in the future. And I think that is very interesting, because I like changes and new things, but I see that a lot of my colleagues are still unaware of changes. As we can see update cycles are going faster and faster, Microsoft Azure changes when you blink your eyes, innovation appears much faster then it used to. As an IT-Pro you will need to embrace all this new stuff and find you way in it. Learn the important new things, ask your manager for proper education and take some time to adapt.

And…. most of all embrace new things, embrace the cloud and find out what it will mean to you!