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ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 integration with Intune for Mobile Device Management

One of the new features in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 is the Intune integration to manage mobile device. It seems that mobile device management is hot, since more and more companies want to see what it is and what it can do. Given that, I decided to take a deep dive into the matter. Since there is a lot to tell here I will probably be writing more than one blog about MDM (mobile device management). To shine a bit more light on the subject you can find a lot of information at the following TechNet link: When we talk about MDM we mean iPads, iPhones, Windows Phone, Windows RT devices and Android devices. So what is needed to get the integration going, first we need a Windows Intune subscription. If you don’t have a subscription already you can take a 30 days trial for free, all you have to do…

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Upgrade SCCM 2012 to SCCM 2012 SP1

As mentioned in my first blog of this year a walkthrough of the upgrade to SCCM 2012 SP1. First of all needless to say maybe, but download all the things you need. This is not only the media of SCCM 2012 SP1, but also ADK (Windows Assesment and Deployment Kit) that can be found here To make sure you are ready to start check the following pages: Check the version of SQL you are using and check if this is supported for SP1, otherwise take care of the matter before you continue. Then install the  following items from ADK: Then, if you are upgrading in a production environment, make sure you have backups and check that your environment is healthy. When everything is ready to go start the SP1 installation. Below you will find the screenshots with remarks if needed. As you can see below, we have…

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Happy 2013!

Too all of you best wishes for 2013! Hopefully it will be a good year with new exciting technical adventures. I have spend the Christmas and new year in Moscow enjoying some peace and quiet with my family. Tomorrow I will fly back and the normal life will start again. off course I had some time to think and put myself some targets. In 2012 I have put a lot of effort in getting my new System Center certifications in order, MCSE Private Cloud, Configuration Manager 2012 and in the last month upgrade to MCSA Server 2012. In that respect there was a lot of work done. Also the new releases took some time, so the year has passed quickly. In 2013 my first target will be to get certified MCSE Server Infrastructure. I think that the target that will follow still have to reveal themselves. First blog to write…

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Important info to know before upgrading to CM 2012 SP1

Recently Microsoft released information about what to do before you upgrade to CM 2012 SP1 when it will be released. The following link has all the interesting information On the page there is a Configuration Manager SP1 Checklist section for you available and the Considerations For Upgrading To Configuration Manager SP1 section…  you can read what you need to check and what will happen automically, what you need to do as an administrator before and after ugrade and which configurations are affected. Handy information.

SCCM 2007 / 2012 and subnet boundaries

Recently I encountered an issue with subnet boundaries in SCCM 2007. Personally I rather not use subnet boundaries, but rather IP ranges or AD sites. In this case the client felt more comfortable with subnet, since they used them successfully in the past and did not want to change that. In preparation for a new location, boundaries needed to be put in SCCM and one of the boundaries was a supernet (subnet mask If you enter a this information in SCCM 2007, SCCM will create a subnet ID of and treat this as a /24 range. See pictures below Making a /24 subnet (IP adress – instead left us short of a couple of subnets that are in the /19 subnet. In reality the supernet (/19 subnet) has 5 bits extra which make up 1+2+4+8+16 = 31 subnets (IP address – Needless to say that things did not work…

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My Microsoft Surface Arrived

Last week I decided that it would be nice to have a Windows 8 tablet :-), especially for the integration between different devices. My laptop had already been upgraded to Windows 8 pro and I felt comfortable with it, actually starting to like it more and more. Anyway I ordered the Surface from Microsoft in Germany, because it is not available in The Netherlands yet. As I did not see an e-mail that the device was on its way, I was quite surprised when it was delivered today. Setting up is easy and the first impression is that I like it. This blog has been created in Word 2013. The cover that is also the keyboard is easy to use and responsive. The image is good and as more apps become available I most likely will only use this tablet instead of the Galaxy Tab. One thing I notice is…

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Multiple SUP roles CM 2012 SP1 Beta – Part 2

I recently blogged about multiple SUP roles in CM 2012 SP1 Beta and promised to come up with a follow-up which would be looking at how it works and what happens when there is a failure. This all sounds very exiting 🙂 so lets get started. In my previous blog I mentioned that the first SUP in your environment is seen as the sync source (or primary SUP) and that SUP’s installed later will be replica’s. So what happens when there would be a failure of the primary SUP? I turned of my primary SUP and triggered a sync from the console to find out (as expected) that synchronization failed. Software updates however  still works and software updates can be deployed using the replica SUP servers, meaning that redudancy is working. A side note offcourse is that the Endpoint Protection definitions will not be updated, simply because synchronization is not working. Basically…

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Should You Invest In A Proof Of Concept?

I think a proof of concept is a very good way to check if a new version of software is doing what you want it to do and to see if you should migrate. Having said that from technical point of view, management might think differently because of time, effort and costs. If you work in a large scale organization you know that it can take some time before the company decides to migrates to the new version of System Center 2012 and before you know it you are a year further and you are still waiting for the new goodies that come with the new version. A proof of concept could bridge the gap, if you can convince your managers that they should go for it. I recently ran in to this discussion to do a POC or not and I had to write a document to motivate starting a POC. So…

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