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About Me

My name is Robin Verbeek, I am an Azure, System Center Consultant and Trainer(MCT) at Metis IT in the Netherlands and my focus is (not a surprise given the site title) on Azure, System Center and infrastructure solutions. Metis IT is a consultancy company that has as a motto that they like to think in solutions for their clients which leads to Smarter IT and Better Business for everyone. You can find more information at the following link:

I am already working in the IT business for about 28 year and have got quite some experience along the way. From all the System Center products my specialization is on Configuration Manager and Operations Manager, from making the designs, setting up proof of concepts, to implementation and training. Next to that the combination of Virtual Machine Manager with Hyper-V, private and hybrid cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure are getting my full attention. Microsoft Azure I see as an addition to a companies IT environment and I believe that we will see more and more transitions to the cloud. I try to keep up with all new things happening in the IT world and like doing that. Next to the technical aspects I am and have always been interested in the organizational part of IT and how I can efficiently use IT to do what is needed. We live in a hectic time and the development nowadays goes much faster then when I started in IT, but I like to move ahead and embrace new things and use the knowledge in the projects I am working on. Not only I like to aquire knowledge myself, but I also like to train others. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) I give trainings or workshops on a regular bases. You might think iit is strange, but yes… I think IT is fun!

I am 50 years old married and a proud father of a son who is now 10 years old, When I am not working I try to spend time with the family and do nice things. I also am a saxophone player with a lot of experience in different bands. Next to that I like spending time making pictures and when I have time maintain a site dedicated to photography, well let’s say for displaying my work.

This blog is something I feel I had to start and I will try to write about experiences in the real world, interesting new things and maybe about things that have already been covered before. I will also try to write about organizational things and how it can affect a company and how you can approach certain situations and find solutions.

Opinions in this blog are my opinions and do not necessary reflect the opinions of my employer or Microsoft.

Hope you will like it!