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  1. Microsoft Certification Changes

    At the beginning of Microsoft Ignite the changes to the certification program went live. In short this means that MCSE and MCSD tracks will be…

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  2. PowerShell direct, very cool feature

    The last couple of weeks I delivered several custom PowerShell trainings and playing with PowerShell gave me the idea to write something about one om…

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  3. How will cloud change the IT-Pro?

    I have been busy with cloud and training cloud and I notice that a lot of IT personnel is not really busy with the changes…

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  4. My goals for 2016

    2016 is already in its second week, so time to write down the new goals for this year and think about the technologies that will become important or that…

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  5. Azure Resource Manager Policies

    On the 29th of September we could see some new announcements at AzureCon. One thing that did not get that much attention was the announcement of…

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  6. The Definition of Cloud

    You would think that nowadays most people know what cloud computing or in short cloud is, but is that assumption correct? The reason for writing…

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  7. Migration to ConfigMgr 2012 R2 with migration tool or Powershell?

    There are still quite some companies that have to migrate their SCCM 2007 environment to Configuration Manager 2012 R2, even though it is 2015 now.…

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  8. How should you train your employees? Or yourself?

    In a previous blog I wrote about the things I think IT pro’s should focus on and in this blog I will look at how…

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